Thursday, October 30, 2008

our little lambykins!

our little lambykins!, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

*sigh* We are quite fond of this little lamb.

We did "reverse trick-or-treat" with the kids from our youth group tonight. We had a blast... it was a great way to get JT out for the evening.

We'll probably dress him up as the sheep again tomorrow when we go pick up our new car. That's right... our brand new Toyota RAV4. woo-hoo!! Pictures to come...


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Lynn said...

JT is adorable! I hope he enjoyed halloween. Lucas was a cute Pooh bear-big belly and all. he was more excited to see the other kids come for candy than he was about anything else. I will post pictures soon:) I agree with your comment about being attached to JT's babyhood-since we aren't having any other children, it is hard to let go of some of the things he wore. Maybe I will become a hoarder:)