Friday, November 30, 2007

interview with a rock star

I got to interview my favorite rock star yesterday...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

this baby rocks

this baby rocks, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

Look at this chunky monkey. He was very chatty today. Well, after he woke up from an apparent 5 HOUR nap. Haha!!

He's had a lot of new stuff lately that I haven't had time to blog or scrap. We have been trying rice cereal for a couple weeks now. Just this week I had the sitter giving it to him also. She seems to have better luck getting him to swallow it. I think he's too tired with me... or just holding out on me! But we will keep plugging away at it.

He's learning to use his hands, too. He's so funny to watch. He plays with his binky. Plucks it out of his mouth and plays with it until he drops it. Then he will grab bib, toy, burp cloth... whatever is near... and stick it in his mouth. But watching him with the binky is the best. He will eyeball it in his lap and work forever on getting hold of it and guiding it back to his mouth. Usually it's upside down or backwards and he still attempts to cram it in!

He almost sits up on his own. It won't be long. He is so strong. It is so cool to see him develop core strength. He likes to do his ab workouts in the evenings, raising straight up from a reclined position over and over. I couldn't even do that after I had him... pregnancy wrecks your abs!

Last night I read him a few books and then we sang and danced to Peter, Paul, & Mary. He loves reading... I am so glad, as I have that huge collection of books started! We sang "I love rock and roll music" and "Puff the Magic Dragon". He went crazy for singing along to the songs. That's what I'm talking about... growing up on books, music and legos... just like his mama did. (We're still another year from starting legos... oh the things we are gonna build then...)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I can't get enough of these photos. This one is totally "my parents are so weird". lol...

Ok, I'm committing. I signed the pledge to buy handmade this holiday season. Etsy is the place! Recently I bought this print which I framed and hung in my bedroom. And I love this quilt I got for JT just before he was born. Otherwise I have held back. But if you're on my Christmas gift list this year... watch out, it's gonna be a Crafty Christmas. muhaha.

Monday, November 26, 2007

how many days til Christmas?

Yay... it's Christmas season!! I think I have all my Christmas cards ready to be mailed. I finished them up tonight. Obviously, having them finished this early in the game means I didn't write anything meaningful and sentimental in them. They all feature a darling picture of our little Christmas angel, so I think folks will overlook the lack of sentiment. (Next year... words, I promise.)

Now I just need to get the Christmas music loaded back onto my iPod.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

highchair baby

highchair baby, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

I assembled JT's highchair today. He sat in it this evening and had dinner with us. He squealed with delight when we first pulled him up to the table. He loves the vantage point! We fed him some rice cereal with a spoon. He might have swallowed a few granules of it.

Oh, and he isn't totally sitting up on his own yet... but close enough that he can do 10-15 minutes in the chair as long as he's strapped in.

He really likes when I spin his binky like a top... the tray table offers plenty of space for binky spinning. Endless entertainment. Who needs toys? :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday

Tonight, in between folding clothes and running the sweeper, John informed me that "thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday." LOL. Apparently, it's not as fun when you have to clean house and assist with the meal preparation. JT sat and watched us run around the house like crazy people... John sweeping the stairs and me cleaning the living room floor. "What's going on around here? Are we having company or something?!"

You know what I like about hosting Thanksgiving dinner? The house will still be clean Friday through Sunday and I will be off to work to enjoy it. Anyone hitting the stores on Friday to start Christmas shopping? I'm thinking I might... JT wants to see the mayhem. Tee hee.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

making seasons bright

So what if he didn't make the finalists for the Gap casting call?! What do those people know about cute babies anyway?!

Our friend Bryan took some amazing pics of JT for our Christmas cards at the open house on Sunday. Awesome, awesome shots that we are just drooling over!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Autism Society of America: Urge Congress to override autism funding veto

Autism Society of America: Urge Congress to override autism funding veto

Ok, I admit, I didn't vote last week. I was pretty ignorant of the candidates and issues, so it would have been pointless. BUT, I am interested in increasing funding for autism research AND getting insurance providers to cover some of the diagnosis and treatment.

I really believe it's a disease that is treatable, if not preventable or curable! There are two little boys dear to my heart who stand to benefit from this... so it was worth 10 minutes of my time.

Will you help by writing to your representatives also?
Find your House Representative here.
Find your Senate Representative here.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

not the mama

We had a fabulous weekend visiting family. I didn't take a single picture. Too busy being "in the moment." JT was so sweet this weekend. He charmed everyone. He laughs so much lately. And he is much more into watching people and examining things than he has been. I love watching him discover the world... I am so excited for every new day with him.

I love being a mom. There is a unique "feature" between me and JT where sometimes he just wants his mama. He did that a few times over the weekend. He'll be really crabby, but if I just hold him for a second, he calms down. I have to say - I love that feeling. Oh, I love it for myself, but I also like that he has someone (or something) that makes him feel at ease. That's something everyone should have, don't you think?

Of course, it brings to mind that show Dinosaurs from back in the 90s. LOL. Perhaps my family were the only people who watched that show during its short run on tv. (We probably only watched it because we got like 4 channels where we lived. So this dinosaur baby refers to the dad as "not the mama". Sure, you're the dad and you're great, but you're "not the mama". Haha!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

now roll over!

Guess who rolled over today? Miranda wrote in his journal that he rolled over on his own. At first we said, "oh no! It's the first time and we missed it!" Then we thought, it was probably on accident. Because this boy doesn't roll over. We have been trying it every day. He hates tummy time and when I roll him back and forth he looks at me like, "that's nice Mommy, I will not be needing that skill."

So after his bath tonight, we popped him over on his tummy. He put his leg out and rolled onto his back. What?! Just like that? Like he has known how to do it all along?!

JT is so strong. He was going crazy in the tub. We know that bath time is over when the tub is completely empty of water after he splashes it all out when kicking his duck.

He's awfully cute. But hmm, now I have to readjust all my habits... no more leaving him on the couch or his changing table. And look out when he figures out crawling... we will be chasing him all over. Aaahh.... changes are coming!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Little Monsters contest entry: shy monkey babe

JT is featured on the Pregnancy and Baby blog... haha! I entered him in the contest only because the prize is a data storage device, something we could totally use to store all the photos I take!

Pregnancy & Baby Blog » Blog Archive » Little Monsters contest entry: shy monkey babe

I mean, I can't help it that he's so cute... :-)