Sunday, November 11, 2007

not the mama

We had a fabulous weekend visiting family. I didn't take a single picture. Too busy being "in the moment." JT was so sweet this weekend. He charmed everyone. He laughs so much lately. And he is much more into watching people and examining things than he has been. I love watching him discover the world... I am so excited for every new day with him.

I love being a mom. There is a unique "feature" between me and JT where sometimes he just wants his mama. He did that a few times over the weekend. He'll be really crabby, but if I just hold him for a second, he calms down. I have to say - I love that feeling. Oh, I love it for myself, but I also like that he has someone (or something) that makes him feel at ease. That's something everyone should have, don't you think?

Of course, it brings to mind that show Dinosaurs from back in the 90s. LOL. Perhaps my family were the only people who watched that show during its short run on tv. (We probably only watched it because we got like 4 channels where we lived. So this dinosaur baby refers to the dad as "not the mama". Sure, you're the dad and you're great, but you're "not the mama". Haha!

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