Thursday, November 29, 2007

this baby rocks

this baby rocks, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

Look at this chunky monkey. He was very chatty today. Well, after he woke up from an apparent 5 HOUR nap. Haha!!

He's had a lot of new stuff lately that I haven't had time to blog or scrap. We have been trying rice cereal for a couple weeks now. Just this week I had the sitter giving it to him also. She seems to have better luck getting him to swallow it. I think he's too tired with me... or just holding out on me! But we will keep plugging away at it.

He's learning to use his hands, too. He's so funny to watch. He plays with his binky. Plucks it out of his mouth and plays with it until he drops it. Then he will grab bib, toy, burp cloth... whatever is near... and stick it in his mouth. But watching him with the binky is the best. He will eyeball it in his lap and work forever on getting hold of it and guiding it back to his mouth. Usually it's upside down or backwards and he still attempts to cram it in!

He almost sits up on his own. It won't be long. He is so strong. It is so cool to see him develop core strength. He likes to do his ab workouts in the evenings, raising straight up from a reclined position over and over. I couldn't even do that after I had him... pregnancy wrecks your abs!

Last night I read him a few books and then we sang and danced to Peter, Paul, & Mary. He loves reading... I am so glad, as I have that huge collection of books started! We sang "I love rock and roll music" and "Puff the Magic Dragon". He went crazy for singing along to the songs. That's what I'm talking about... growing up on books, music and legos... just like his mama did. (We're still another year from starting legos... oh the things we are gonna build then...)

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