Wednesday, January 30, 2008

little taste of sugar

JT had his first taste of sugar... in the name of photography!

Oh yeah... Lost is back tomorrow. Can't wait! I just rewatched the last episode from last fall and I'm pumped!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Caesar... salad.

We had PF Changs takout for dinner. You know what that means... lettuce wraps, mmm-mmm.

Caesar... salad., originally uploaded by brungrrl.

Hey JT, you look like Caesar. Caesar salad!!

C'mon, lettuce go get a bath. :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

feel good

feel good, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

Little guy just coughed in his sleep. It was a nasty sounding cough, so I ran up to check on him... he was sound asleep still. But since I was there, I may as well kiss him and tell him I love him. He wrapped his little hand around my finger so tight in his sleep. Awww... this must be why mommies gain weight with pregnancy. If I were a smaller woman, I'd crawl right in his crib and cuddle with him. :-)

Last weekend was a long weekend out of town away from JT with our youth group. It was a great weekend, but exhausting in many ways. And uplifting, in many ways.

And then this week has been so busy at work. My eyes are so tired that when I blink they threaten not to open back up.

Good things planned for the weekend... looking forward to it. Also hoping to find some time to be creative!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


blankie, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

Aren't these blankies yummy?! I have an idea in mind for a blanket for JT... in the greatest shade of green. Now if I just had the energy to put it together. Last night I went to bed with a headache at 9pm. Tonight I've lasted til 10, but I'm fading fast.

I got some good tips from a quilter friend at work on how to attach seam binding. She also showed me how to make my own binding from fabric. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

My poor little guy is spending his days in misery over his teeth. I just want to spend the whole day snuggling him (and holding a teether for him to gnaw).

And so... I'm short on interesting things to post this week... maybe next week I will get some inspiration back.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

play, play, play!

JT has been in bed for almost 2 hours now... I miss him! He was fun and adorable all weekend. He's teething pretty fiercely which causes some grouchiness, but overall... much happiness. The drooling and gnawing of teething has not been in vain, his first tooth came through this weekend!

On Saturday JT played with Ally and Nicholas most of the day. We walked in the park and played on the swings... it was beautiful outside! There was a LOT of baby laughter that day. We gave Ally the fleece blanket I started on around the start of the new year. I have a few more blankies lined up for the sewing machine... I'm pretty excited about how this one turned out and looking forward to some more:

John, JT and I spent a lot of time just playing. He is sitting up on his own really well now. He is launching backwards less every time we try it. :-) So we make little "baby nests" of pillows and toys and let him go to town.

So here's looking forward to another week of play and laughter... and no more growing up!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

6 months

Half a year already, can you imagine? Our little JT is so sweet... how did we ever get by without him? I think he had a pretty good half-year birthday today. He did have to get stuck a few times for vaccines, but otherwise it was fun. He weighs 17 lbs and is in perfect health.

His daddy took the day off and they hung out all day. The three of us had sushi for lunch. JT totally flirted with the cute waitress. He even convinced her to carry him around and she showed him off to the other tables. In the evening he and I had a little photo shoot (obviously), played some games, and watched Sesame Street.

I could write a blog post every day about how much I love him and what he means to me. I was thinking today about how lucky we are to have him and that he is so healthy (and I sent up a little prayer of thanks once again)... and I remembered the finch who visted us last May.

I'm pretty sure we weren't very thankful for him at the time and I called him some ugly names (sorry about that). Susannah pointed out that the finch symbolizes "multiplicity, new experiences and encounters." Other sources claim that during the Renaissance the finch was associated with the Passion and Christ's crown of thorns (because it eats thistle seeds).

His timing was just uncanny. He was around for a couple months at the end of my pregnancy. I don't remember exactly when he stopped visiting. And while a bird tapping on your window doesn't necessarily have to mean something, I can't shake the thought in my head that he was bringing us a message:

Your little boy is going to be just wonderful.

Monday, January 07, 2008

a blurb

Have you heard of Blurb? I'm going to try it out. The coolest thing is the ability to "slurp your blog into a book". How cool is that? I think if I had in mind that my blog would become a book at the end of each year, it would take on new meaning.

So this year... more stories and more pictures. What do you think? I mean... it's pretty much a scrapbook of our lives that I don't have to work very hard to capture.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Now... about resolutions and the new year and all that... I did terrible with last year's resolutions. Here's the recap:
  • Gain no more than 30 lbs before giving birth. Really should have stopped gaining at 30!
  • Lose that 30 lbs by December. Needless to say... the amount I went beyond, I still have to lose.
  • Read more books. I think I read 3 books... which, sadly, was more than the year before. (This was reading for pleasure... not slurping up every bit of info I can find about caring for a baby.)
  • Put photos in photo albums (takes pressure off scrapping EVERY photo). I think I have one photo album started.
So this year...
  1. Lose the remaining 11 pounds of "baby" (er... ice cream) weight.
  2. Play
That's right... just two. I'm not going to better myself beyond the weight loss, not going to save money, not going to get organized. I mean, I might do some of that. But the big thing is my one little word... PLAY.


This year I want to remember to take time to play with my little munchkin. I want to remember not to be so serious, so type A, so uptight, so hurried to "accomplish". I want to savor every moment with him by taking time to just play. Hopefully along the way I will be present in more moments with him and create some cherished memories.

And hey, maybe some of our play will bring weight loss!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

believe it!

You won't believe it, but it's true, every bit of it. Tonight, JT said his first word. During his bath he looked up at the shower head and said... "bubba". LOL.

Then... he pooped in the potty. That's right, he pooped in the potty just shy of 6 months of age! More LOL! Ok, he had some help on this one. He made what we call "the poop face" in the bathtub. In this situation, the easiest thing to do was to take the baby out of the tub and set him on the toilet. Potty training. Done.