Thursday, January 24, 2008

feel good

feel good, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

Little guy just coughed in his sleep. It was a nasty sounding cough, so I ran up to check on him... he was sound asleep still. But since I was there, I may as well kiss him and tell him I love him. He wrapped his little hand around my finger so tight in his sleep. Awww... this must be why mommies gain weight with pregnancy. If I were a smaller woman, I'd crawl right in his crib and cuddle with him. :-)

Last weekend was a long weekend out of town away from JT with our youth group. It was a great weekend, but exhausting in many ways. And uplifting, in many ways.

And then this week has been so busy at work. My eyes are so tired that when I blink they threaten not to open back up.

Good things planned for the weekend... looking forward to it. Also hoping to find some time to be creative!

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