Monday, January 07, 2008


Now... about resolutions and the new year and all that... I did terrible with last year's resolutions. Here's the recap:
  • Gain no more than 30 lbs before giving birth. Really should have stopped gaining at 30!
  • Lose that 30 lbs by December. Needless to say... the amount I went beyond, I still have to lose.
  • Read more books. I think I read 3 books... which, sadly, was more than the year before. (This was reading for pleasure... not slurping up every bit of info I can find about caring for a baby.)
  • Put photos in photo albums (takes pressure off scrapping EVERY photo). I think I have one photo album started.
So this year...
  1. Lose the remaining 11 pounds of "baby" (er... ice cream) weight.
  2. Play
That's right... just two. I'm not going to better myself beyond the weight loss, not going to save money, not going to get organized. I mean, I might do some of that. But the big thing is my one little word... PLAY.


This year I want to remember to take time to play with my little munchkin. I want to remember not to be so serious, so type A, so uptight, so hurried to "accomplish". I want to savor every moment with him by taking time to just play. Hopefully along the way I will be present in more moments with him and create some cherished memories.

And hey, maybe some of our play will bring weight loss!

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