Wednesday, January 09, 2008

6 months

Half a year already, can you imagine? Our little JT is so sweet... how did we ever get by without him? I think he had a pretty good half-year birthday today. He did have to get stuck a few times for vaccines, but otherwise it was fun. He weighs 17 lbs and is in perfect health.

His daddy took the day off and they hung out all day. The three of us had sushi for lunch. JT totally flirted with the cute waitress. He even convinced her to carry him around and she showed him off to the other tables. In the evening he and I had a little photo shoot (obviously), played some games, and watched Sesame Street.

I could write a blog post every day about how much I love him and what he means to me. I was thinking today about how lucky we are to have him and that he is so healthy (and I sent up a little prayer of thanks once again)... and I remembered the finch who visted us last May.

I'm pretty sure we weren't very thankful for him at the time and I called him some ugly names (sorry about that). Susannah pointed out that the finch symbolizes "multiplicity, new experiences and encounters." Other sources claim that during the Renaissance the finch was associated with the Passion and Christ's crown of thorns (because it eats thistle seeds).

His timing was just uncanny. He was around for a couple months at the end of my pregnancy. I don't remember exactly when he stopped visiting. And while a bird tapping on your window doesn't necessarily have to mean something, I can't shake the thought in my head that he was bringing us a message:

Your little boy is going to be just wonderful.

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Becka said...

How fun! What a cute kid! :-)