Thursday, March 27, 2008

finishing up the week

I love his long eyelashes. *sigh*

JT is clapping this week. It's his new thing. He wakes up clapping and claps all day long. I picked him up from the sitter today. He jabbered all the way home. It sounded like singing. There were lots of funny faces to go along with his songs. haha!

There was a ton of drool today. We are on the lookout for a new tooth. He has been stalled at 2 bottom teeth for a while now. Not that I'm complaining. He likes to gnaw on us... we aren't looking forward to more teeth until we can put the kibosh on that.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I'm ready for a break. I'm always ready for a break though! One more look at those eyelashes and I'm off to bed. *sigh* *sigh*

funny parents

6/52, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

This morning when JT was playing with the area rug and jabbering, John said, "I think he's going to be a politician because he rambles on about nothing." As JT picked up the edge of the rug and turned it back, I said, "And because he likes to sweep things under the rug?" lol!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

candytuft and flickr

spring in full swing, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

And one more thing this evening... two reasons why I love flickr:

1. The "ID Please" group. I'm so stinkin' happy to know what this plant is and be able to look it up. That is the internet at its best... folks answering other folks questions in no time flat!

2. Pic Lens is my new favorite toy. Oh my, I have been "leafing through" my photo stream with PicLens. Everything old is new again. And browsing other folks beautiful pics is amazing. Download Pic Lens for Firefox and try it out!

the emperor's new clothes

Here it is, the obligatory "baby getting a sink bath" photo:

obligatory baby getting a sink bath pic

I'm still working through sharing photos from two weeks ago... there were a lot, it seems. At least in the future we won't wonder what we did in March 2008.

My Aunt Sandy sent JT a box chock-full of fun clothes. As you may have noticed in his St. Patty's day pic, the kid is growing out of clothes left and right. These clothes were so fun. Cute shirts and little playsets for summer. I love, love, love the troll shirt. He wore it today! Didn't get a picture of him wearing it... will have to do that. We also need to take our 52 weeks photo for the week...

JT's new clothes from Aunt Sandy

Until next time, beware of trolls...

Monday, March 24, 2008

glitter easter eggs

glitter easter eggs, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

I love decoupage. Nothing like gobs of glue and paper to make me feel connected to past generations! And apparently covering objects with paper is my preferred method of decorating.

The idea for these eggs is from Inspire Co. Of course, hers are much frillier and prettier... and displayed in a much nicer bowl.

But that's okay... I'm loving how mine turned out. And if I want frills next year, I can do that.

Oh, you're wondering what the eggs are decoupaged with? And where did I get such things? Well back in 2003 I was enamored with altered art of all kinds. I ordered a pack of ephemera from ebay (the receipt was still in there - that's how I know it was 2003!). It's just bits and pieces of papers and things from different sources. So conveniently, I had an old map and a couple pages from foreign books with which to work. I loooooved the map eggs... they seem so worldly.

Now if I can pull myself away from the glitter, I can start some other projects!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter happiness

John and I got baptized this morning! We both accepted Jesus into our lives a long time ago, but just made it official today. It's also our 2 year anniversary for attending our church.

My dad was here to celebrate with us. He and JT spent a lot of time playing.

Easter 08

The Easter bunny got into our house somehow and left a nest for us in the living room. Here is JT checking it out... wearing a sweater Aunt Joan knitted for him:
Easter 08

Later in the day, JT actually spotted the Easter bunny passing through the back yard!
Easter 08

After a sensible lunch, we let JT sample the peeps the Easter bunny brought. The jury is still out on those.
Easter 08

We colored eggs. Well, really, I colored some eggs. And I will probably spend this week eating them. I feel some egg salad coming on.
Easter 08

Joy of joys, the sun appeared today and it wasn't quite so cold outside. So we went for a walk at the park and played at the playground.
Easter 08

It was a great weekend... maybe the best Easter ever. :-)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the wedding guests

the fam at a wedding, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

We attended a wedding last Saturday. JT went with us... he was quite a trooper all weekend long, really. And look how charming he is being in this picture!

The wedding was fun. We didn't cut loose as much as we would have sans kiddo. I did have a little mishap with the tail of my skirt during the reception, but my pride will eventually recover. I mean, you can't spend your entire life mortified, right?

My dress was pretty cute though. I might actually wear it this weekend for Easter. We'll see though. John and I are getting baptized on Sunday morning, so we might be wearing something more appropriate to that.

And speaking of Easter, I have crafting to do... so I'm gonna go! N-night!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

captain destructo

We call him Captain Destructo now. JT likes to bang his toys... on hard surfaces, against each other... anything that is noisy and destructive.

Earlier this evening we took him out of his bumbo because he's just a danger in it. So he was tipping the bumbo over and rolling it all over the floor. I think we're just going to retire it already!

Here he discovered playing with the big people chairs. Mind you, he can't even crawl yet:

I also taught him to howl at the moon like a wolf tonight after we read a book that had a wolf in it. His howl is pretty wimpy, but we'll keep working on it. (I am an excellent howler.) I want to make sure he learns all the useful things first!

Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. patty's day

JT as a leprechaun, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

Hope you had a lovely St. Patty's day! We are recovering from a long and busy weekend. I have more photos to post and stories to tell, but tonight I'm too tired.

Our boy was so cute today. His daddy dressed him in this goofy outfit. His shirt is too big, the socks are too big, and his pants are too small! I got him the hat last year when I was pregnant... miraculously, it fits. I don't know why JT was especially cute to us today... I think maybe because today he looked more like a little boy than a baby. I mean, I took his picture sitting on the front step!! Big boys do that!

I posted a couple new pics in the 52 weeks with my kid set.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

love the snow

Staying up late crafting is catching up with me. I'm off to bed soon.

For tonight, I made JT some fruit cubes to last a couple weeks. The pears are so delicious... juicy! And we are going to experiment with an apple/kiwi blend. Don't make faces, it's actually very good (yes, I tried it).

And now I leave you with JT's reaction to the snow:

Sunday, March 09, 2008

digging out

Well, apparently we haven't had that much snow since 1910 when we got like 15 inches. 20 inches of snow in two days. 20 INCHES. lol. All I can say is, good thing we were stocked up on bread, milk, girl scout cookies, toilet paper, formula, and diapers. :-)

We got up this morning thinking the storm was over and we'd get back to normal. We got the driveway all shoveled yesterday in preparation. Not to be... church was cancelled. I'm pretty sure we are still under a snow emergency, too. Major highways aren't cleared yet. And they say Columbus got it the worst in the whole state.

We are loving this kind of weekend... major relaxing (aside from the shoveling). We are all still wearing our pajamas. JT is in heaven because every minute of the day is all about him. We've had some yummy eats, too. Last night I made salmon burgers and steamed green beans. Today for lunch we had taquitos. Both of those meals were enhanced by the avocado and tomato I found in the fridge. And tonight we are having bbq beef sandwiches. (The meat is in the crock pot now with lots of onions and garlic.)

I also had time to photograph the pages I scrapped at the crop last weekend. The girls and I had SO MUCH fun. I absolutely love crop weekends. The Scrap Happy crop was well-planned, attended by fun gals, and the hotel was great. They're having another crop the first weekend in October... I highly recommend it! Thanks to Susie for a great event...

Here are some pics of what I got done. There is another minibook, but it's a gift, so you'll have to see that when it's been given. :-)

1. LO: Cirque Du Soleil, 2. LO: Theresa Best & Worst, 3. LO: You are Mine Love, 4. LO: Snow Angel, 5. LO: Say A Prayer

Now, if you'll excuse me... the sun is out and there is 20 inches of snow in which to play! Gotta go get dressed!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

weekend update

Last night I sewed a blanket for JT that's been in the works for a while.

blanket for JT

This morning I made myself a cappuccino to go with my eggs. It was delightful. And I love my yard sale Starbucks Christmas tumbler.


Then we bundled up and went outside to play in the snow. The news is calling it "The Blizzard of '08". So that's what I'm calling it. It kind of cracks me up. What will they call the next one in this same year?

the blizzard of '08

And hey, guess what?! I won a giveaway at Scrapscene. Pretty darn sweet...

Friday, March 07, 2008

choppin' broccoli

Sarah sent this to me... our friend/cousin/ex-roommate Lesley LOVED this Dana Carvey routine. She watched it just about every night. I don't even know how, because that was before DVR and Tivo. And she would LAUGH until she got tears in her eyes... EVERY TIME.

You know you're laughin'...

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I've filled out 4 surveys in the past 24 hours. Kind of weird, huh? Giant Eagle sent one in the mail, Pioneer Woman had one on her blog, Hampton Inn sent theirs by email, and Sears had one on the bottom of my receipt today. So in honor of surveys... I've posted a poll over at the left. Check it out.

And in case you're wondering... Giant Eagle's prices are ridiculous, but selection is superb. I also whined about the most basic things being out of stock by Sunday evening when I get there. The Hampton Inn we stayed at last weekend was fabulous. The coffee was always ready and delicious. Since we were scrapping around the clock, that was important. Seriously, it was SUCH a nice hotel. And Sears is practically giving away kids clothes at the door. My mom did better in Chillicothe than I did here, but still good deals at 80% off.

The subject of my poll is inspired by the 8 inches of snow we may get by Saturday. Yikes! And by the way, I still like snow. Freezing rain can kiss my butt, but bring on the snow. My philosophy is that if it has to be cold, there may as well be pretty white stuff around. Those grey-brown, constantly below freezing winters are just awful.

Don't forget to let us know what we should do on Saturday... :-)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

baby time

touchdown!, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

After being away over the weekend, Monday night was catch-up night. John joined in on the fun... he spent the weekend with JT, but I think 8 hours away from him on Monday took a toll. For fun, we took a lot of crappy, indoor, low-light, overexposed with the flash pictures. Have I mentioned that I'm looking forward to daylight savings time this weekend?

For those of you who play football with us, you'll be happy to know that the flags came in last week. If you click on the photo, you can see some other pics of JT demonstrating how the flags should be used. He may not totally get the concept yet. :-)

How's your week going?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


3/52, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

We didn't get a very good photo last week... but we did take some. We took the camera with us first thing in the morning when we woke JT up. (Yes, it takes two of us to get the baby up!) What can I say, we are both too excited to see him in the mornings!

Last weekend was an all-weekend crop with the girls and Scrap Happy. Oh my, sooo much fun and sooo much scrappin'. I really missed my boy though.

Ok... it's late and I'm tired, but I wanted to share this picture. There will be more pictures of scraps later...