Thursday, March 27, 2008

finishing up the week

I love his long eyelashes. *sigh*

JT is clapping this week. It's his new thing. He wakes up clapping and claps all day long. I picked him up from the sitter today. He jabbered all the way home. It sounded like singing. There were lots of funny faces to go along with his songs. haha!

There was a ton of drool today. We are on the lookout for a new tooth. He has been stalled at 2 bottom teeth for a while now. Not that I'm complaining. He likes to gnaw on us... we aren't looking forward to more teeth until we can put the kibosh on that.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I'm ready for a break. I'm always ready for a break though! One more look at those eyelashes and I'm off to bed. *sigh* *sigh*

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