Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the emperor's new clothes

Here it is, the obligatory "baby getting a sink bath" photo:

obligatory baby getting a sink bath pic

I'm still working through sharing photos from two weeks ago... there were a lot, it seems. At least in the future we won't wonder what we did in March 2008.

My Aunt Sandy sent JT a box chock-full of fun clothes. As you may have noticed in his St. Patty's day pic, the kid is growing out of clothes left and right. These clothes were so fun. Cute shirts and little playsets for summer. I love, love, love the troll shirt. He wore it today! Didn't get a picture of him wearing it... will have to do that. We also need to take our 52 weeks photo for the week...

JT's new clothes from Aunt Sandy

Until next time, beware of trolls...

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