Monday, March 24, 2008

glitter easter eggs

glitter easter eggs, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

I love decoupage. Nothing like gobs of glue and paper to make me feel connected to past generations! And apparently covering objects with paper is my preferred method of decorating.

The idea for these eggs is from Inspire Co. Of course, hers are much frillier and prettier... and displayed in a much nicer bowl.

But that's okay... I'm loving how mine turned out. And if I want frills next year, I can do that.

Oh, you're wondering what the eggs are decoupaged with? And where did I get such things? Well back in 2003 I was enamored with altered art of all kinds. I ordered a pack of ephemera from ebay (the receipt was still in there - that's how I know it was 2003!). It's just bits and pieces of papers and things from different sources. So conveniently, I had an old map and a couple pages from foreign books with which to work. I loooooved the map eggs... they seem so worldly.

Now if I can pull myself away from the glitter, I can start some other projects!

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