Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter happiness

John and I got baptized this morning! We both accepted Jesus into our lives a long time ago, but just made it official today. It's also our 2 year anniversary for attending our church.

My dad was here to celebrate with us. He and JT spent a lot of time playing.

Easter 08

The Easter bunny got into our house somehow and left a nest for us in the living room. Here is JT checking it out... wearing a sweater Aunt Joan knitted for him:
Easter 08

Later in the day, JT actually spotted the Easter bunny passing through the back yard!
Easter 08

After a sensible lunch, we let JT sample the peeps the Easter bunny brought. The jury is still out on those.
Easter 08

We colored eggs. Well, really, I colored some eggs. And I will probably spend this week eating them. I feel some egg salad coming on.
Easter 08

Joy of joys, the sun appeared today and it wasn't quite so cold outside. So we went for a walk at the park and played at the playground.
Easter 08

It was a great weekend... maybe the best Easter ever. :-)

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Erin said...

Hey Stacy!
Congrats on the baptism. What a great day to be baptized, Easter!