Sunday, March 09, 2008

digging out

Well, apparently we haven't had that much snow since 1910 when we got like 15 inches. 20 inches of snow in two days. 20 INCHES. lol. All I can say is, good thing we were stocked up on bread, milk, girl scout cookies, toilet paper, formula, and diapers. :-)

We got up this morning thinking the storm was over and we'd get back to normal. We got the driveway all shoveled yesterday in preparation. Not to be... church was cancelled. I'm pretty sure we are still under a snow emergency, too. Major highways aren't cleared yet. And they say Columbus got it the worst in the whole state.

We are loving this kind of weekend... major relaxing (aside from the shoveling). We are all still wearing our pajamas. JT is in heaven because every minute of the day is all about him. We've had some yummy eats, too. Last night I made salmon burgers and steamed green beans. Today for lunch we had taquitos. Both of those meals were enhanced by the avocado and tomato I found in the fridge. And tonight we are having bbq beef sandwiches. (The meat is in the crock pot now with lots of onions and garlic.)

I also had time to photograph the pages I scrapped at the crop last weekend. The girls and I had SO MUCH fun. I absolutely love crop weekends. The Scrap Happy crop was well-planned, attended by fun gals, and the hotel was great. They're having another crop the first weekend in October... I highly recommend it! Thanks to Susie for a great event...

Here are some pics of what I got done. There is another minibook, but it's a gift, so you'll have to see that when it's been given. :-)

1. LO: Cirque Du Soleil, 2. LO: Theresa Best & Worst, 3. LO: You are Mine Love, 4. LO: Snow Angel, 5. LO: Say A Prayer

Now, if you'll excuse me... the sun is out and there is 20 inches of snow in which to play! Gotta go get dressed!

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