Wednesday, September 26, 2007

last scrapper standing - round 1

Ok, here we go!

The first challenge was to use 8 transparencies on one page. I've been meaning to get around to using transparencies on my pages like a pro. But I hadn't yet. So I think I spent about 2 whole days thinking through what I'd do. I should give a shout out to my hubbie who talked through all the design ideas with me. And another shout out to Jari for helping with the technical details!

Check out my entry on flickr
. There is more information there about the layout.

Because it's such an interactive page, a photo doesn't really do it justice. Here is a video of the inside in the dark:

Oh and if you read my blog only for JT updates... He's doing great. Cute as a button and smiling and laughing up a storm. Been too busy enjoying him to blog about him. Maybe later. :-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

baby ego

I sent JT off to the sitter wearing a "Future CEO" shirt. And an "I may be small but I'm the boss" bib. Think his ego will ruin their day today?!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

JT stories

Let the JT stories begin! Last week was lacking in blog posts, I realize. There were stories to tell, too. I just never got time to sit and write them. It was my second full week at work and I really just hoarded my evening time to be with the boy.

Last week the three of us went to the mall for dinner and a haircut for John. JT and I finished up shopping and I stopped outside the salon to give JT a bottle. He had chugged about half of it when John brought his stylist out to meet the little guy. Now, mind you, we were the epitome of mother and beautiful child just as they walked over. As soon as she starts to tell us how cute he is, he starts pooping. And when he makes poopie, it's an event. So he's grunting and groaning; face turning red and all scrunched up. And he works so hard at it that the milk I'd just fed him gets worked up, also. So he's grunting and turning red and the MILK IS FOAMING OUT HIS MOUTH. LOL. I just started laughing. She's trying to think this baby is cute and he is being SO DISGUSTING. Oh well, people with kids understand... it's not always glamorous in babyland. lol... still laughing over the grunting and the foam....

We've been giving him baths when we remember. Isn't that good of us?! We remember at least once a week. ;-) Well, there is really no need to avoid a bath, because he loves it. Last week we dropped his rubber duckie in the tub with him for the first time. (He hasn't been interested in toys too much.) We showed him how to kick the duck with his feet. So he began staring intently at the duck, following it all around the tub. He'd lightly tap it with his foot and watch it move to the other side of the tub. He was so light and gentle with it... very controlled movements. We were so surprised! So now that bath time has an element of learning to it, I think we might do better at remembering to bathe him.

Today Mom, Aunt Joan, and I took JT to the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, OH. How often does a day turn out just as you'd hoped? The weather was beautiful, the day was unhurried, and JT was in a fabulous mood. He slept there and back, slept a little in the stroller while we had lunch and walked around, then he woke up and took in all the sights. He was a little darling all day. Back at our house, he let Aunt Joan play with him for 45 minutes. He cooed and chatted and let her stretch out his little bodied that had been cramped in the car seat for so long. Aww... how sweet is he?!

In mommy news... I signed up for Last Scrapper Standing vol. 2. You might remember, I did this last year and ended up hanging in until the last round. You know, back when I was childless with lots of time on my hands. I know... how will I find time? I have no idea. But John said it was ok and he'd chip in with JT. And I'm going to want to scrap anyway... I mean, I have a lot of new material to work with. Last year I made some of the coolest stuff I'd done all year. So we'll see how it goes. I will of course be keeping everyone posted here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saturday, September 08, 2007

sit up

Guess what?! I worked out on Friday and DID 10 SIT-UPS!

This is good news because my abdominal muscles have been missing in action the past few weeks. So no excuses now on losing the baby weight...

Here's a sweet picture of the fam on flickr...

sure do love him

Thursday, September 06, 2007

rough day for the mama

I was fine on Tuesday when John stayed home with JT. I was fine yesterday when Nana was home with JT. Today when John took JT to the sitter's for the first time, I lost it. I cried all the way to work today. I just wanted reassurance that JT would have a good day. I knew he wouldn't miss me. I knew he'd probably do nothing but sleep most of the day. But still... he and I had pretty good times and I wanted him to have the same or better.

Well, at the end of the day, I think it worked out just fine. The sitter gave us a full report of his day that was too cute. I think he's going to like her. She read books and played with him a lot today. He likes that, so I can have some peace of mind.

He's been a total angel baby all evening. We played when we got home, had a bottle, went for a walk, and now he's taking a nap with his dad. Speaking of naps... I can't keep my eyes open! He has been sleeping really well this week - letting me sleep until 5:45am, but it still catches up with you. So I am off to bed now while John makes JT his last bottle of the evening.

JT and Pooh Bear

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

what do the keywords say about me?

These are the keywords that are bringing folks to my blog from Google and Yahoo. It cracks me up a bit to put them all together. Makes me seem like a freak, really...

brungrrl blogspot
ceilingmax sucks
dark and twisty meaning of
jaundice itching cream
last scrapper standing winner
cafe alfresco dunedin menu
craving donuts
stacy's chips sent to everyone in america named stacy
"cream stick" + donut
tai chi for expecting mothers
100 random things
have got the baby's room nursery all organized

It's like I'm a pregnant, scrapping, zen-wannabe food fanatic... hahaha!

Tomorrow is JT's first day with the sitter. We met with her tonight, along with Reagan, the other youngin' in her care. Wish Miranda luck... her day is going to be an adventure!

I got everything packed up that I think he'll need. I'm nervous for him... I hope he has a good day.

He had a bath tonight... he smells delicious. It's hard to put him down... but we all need to get some sleep, so night-night!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

back to work

Today was my first day back at work. JT spent the day with his Daddy. I was happy to go back to work. I'm not a stay-at-home mom. I didn't think I was and I'm glad that I didn't try to turn myself into one. I think we'll be ok. I imagine in a few weeks or months from now I will be miserable and need to spend some days with him. That's what I have personal and vacation days for though, right?!

So tomorrow he's with Nana and Thursday with the sitter. Wish us luck that it all works out ok!