Wednesday, September 26, 2007

last scrapper standing - round 1

Ok, here we go!

The first challenge was to use 8 transparencies on one page. I've been meaning to get around to using transparencies on my pages like a pro. But I hadn't yet. So I think I spent about 2 whole days thinking through what I'd do. I should give a shout out to my hubbie who talked through all the design ideas with me. And another shout out to Jari for helping with the technical details!

Check out my entry on flickr
. There is more information there about the layout.

Because it's such an interactive page, a photo doesn't really do it justice. Here is a video of the inside in the dark:

Oh and if you read my blog only for JT updates... He's doing great. Cute as a button and smiling and laughing up a storm. Been too busy enjoying him to blog about him. Maybe later. :-)

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