Wednesday, September 05, 2007

what do the keywords say about me?

These are the keywords that are bringing folks to my blog from Google and Yahoo. It cracks me up a bit to put them all together. Makes me seem like a freak, really...

brungrrl blogspot
ceilingmax sucks
dark and twisty meaning of
jaundice itching cream
last scrapper standing winner
cafe alfresco dunedin menu
craving donuts
stacy's chips sent to everyone in america named stacy
"cream stick" + donut
tai chi for expecting mothers
100 random things
have got the baby's room nursery all organized

It's like I'm a pregnant, scrapping, zen-wannabe food fanatic... hahaha!

Tomorrow is JT's first day with the sitter. We met with her tonight, along with Reagan, the other youngin' in her care. Wish Miranda luck... her day is going to be an adventure!

I got everything packed up that I think he'll need. I'm nervous for him... I hope he has a good day.

He had a bath tonight... he smells delicious. It's hard to put him down... but we all need to get some sleep, so night-night!

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