Monday, May 21, 2007

the tapper

So I hung up my finch feeder in the dead of winter. There I am... pregnant, trying to get the shepherd hook into the frozen ground. I'd go out in the bitter cold and fill it up with the best "Finch and Chips" money can buy. And what do I get? Some mean cardinals and chickadees.

Then... a finch shows up. One finch. And he's an idiot. He has been tapping at our front windows for two weeks now. I call him "the tapper". He just taps and taps... like he is mating with the reflection in the window or something. He's not even near the finch feeder. It hasn't seen any action in weeks even though it's still full of food.

Here he is... caught mid-tap:


Susannah said...

Did a quick search on Google for "bird symbolism." Here's your answer:

FINCH - multiplicity, new experiences and encounters

Pretty cool, huh? I do believe these weird animal encounters tend to be harbingers.

Stacy said...

That is cool. I wouldn't have thought to find symbolism in it. thanks!