Monday, May 14, 2007

baby time

It seems it's time for a baby update. I'll write about him while he's lodged sideways in my uterus and not moving too quickly to readjust - ow!

How far along: 32 weeks.
Last thing I craved: Chocolate dipped strawberry blizzard from Dairy Queen. (Ok, so it was the flavor of the month for February... but I just found out about it recently.)
Pounds gained so far: 24
Last time the baby moved: 5 minutes ago.
Latest annoying pregnancy symptom: According to my husband, snoring.
Progress on the nursery: 10%. I actually moved some stuff out of the closet last week! And the baby stuff from the shower went into the nursery (in a pile, but it's in there!)
What we're reading: New books from the shower and some yard sale finds.
What we're listening to: CSI Miami. I'm a great mom.

John and I are getting acclimated to baby stuff. As you can see, John has figured out how the piggy baby towel works. I got a baby gate at a yard sale for a dollar. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to figure out. Guess I'll have to apply myself to figuring it out!

I got a hot tip a week ago from the nail tech who did my pedicure. She was raving about Dreft detergent for baby's laundry. I hadn't even thought about special laundry detergent. So I bought a bottle of it to start washing up the new clothes as we put them away.

We ordered the crib back in March... should be getting the call soon that it's ready. Won't that be exciting?!

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