Saturday, May 19, 2007

24 hours of flickr

Well, did you take your photo on May 5 for the 24 hours of flickr photo pool?! I posted this one:

Artistically speaking, not a great photo. But as far as photo memories go... I liked this photo the best of the bunch. Mom and I LOVED this greenhouse. They had the most beautiful selection of plants. And you know it feels good to be in a greenhouse early in the spring! So this photo shows her reaching in one direction and looking in another, which was how the whole plant selection process went that day! Oooh, look at this - Ah, but look over THERE!!

And... it's where we were and what we did on May 5. Check out the pool to see all the photos from that day around the world. Pretty cool stuff!!


Susannah said...

WOW! What a great pic of your mom! BTW....did your mom ever tell you the story of when she was first hired and we went to San Diego? We were all on this evening dinner/dancing cruise, and some guy hit on her and told her she had "laughing eyes." :-)

Pwhyte said...


Stacy said...

Yep, Susannah... you're dead meat for telling that one!! lol!

Susannah said...

oops! ;-)