Tuesday, May 15, 2007

taste of dublin

Third day of a blog post in a row! I'm on a roll... look out world! Well what else am I going to do while I sit around with my pudgy ankles propped up?

Tonight we went to Taste of Dublin after work with our friends Jenny and Robert. Becka invited us since she was working the event. We love food. These are the same people we hit the fish fry circuit with during Lent. (Picture of John is from a fish fry... I was too busy eating tonight to take any photos.) Jenny is the co-founder of Fork. So of course we should attend Taste of Dublin together!

I have to say... we filled up a few times at the Hoggy's booth. Yummers... beef brisket and macaroni with cheese. Panera had several varieties of brownies. I'd like to recommend the brownie with the raspberry topping. But my favorite thing? The chocolate dipped strawberries from Edible Arrangements. Was it wrong to stand there and eat them as fast as they can refill the table?! And do you see a theme with me and the chocolate with fruit?! I could seriously have a straight diet of chocolate covered fruit.

So we are all about these "Taste" events now. Looks like Upper Arlington's is coming up in August, the 14th. Who's in?!

Oooh, you know what else I have almost forgotten about? It's May... time to start hitting the local markets on Saturday mornings. Yahoo! I love the market.

All this talk of food on the blog... anyone want to wager that I'll be blogging more about exercise in 6 months or so?! :-)

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