Sunday, December 30, 2007


My "one little word" for 2007 was CREATE. I'm not sure how well I did with that. I did manage to create a new life. I've created a lot of messes and some new fat cells over the past year, also.

And my 2007 resolutions... blah. I gained more than 30 lbs... and of course, it's not gone yet. I have 11 more pounds to go. So sad, that is probably the amount I gained by overeating ice cream. *Sigh* If I had behaved, I'd have made the goal already. I think I read three books this year. Sadly, that is better than last year. I have read a TON of baby information online and elsewhere, does that count? I put a few pictures in albums, but I wouldn't say I am caught up on that one, either.

Not sure what this year's word and resolution(s) will be. I am thinking one resolution this time around. Although, I do have a goal to ditch that 11 lbs by April. And I have another goal in mind. Maybe I will have it decided for posting by New Year's Day.

Well, in the creative department... I am carving out time to make stuff. I have done a little digital scrapping. Designer Digitals posted several very cool freebies recently that I totally dig. So I downloaded those and have been playing.

And you won't believe what I did today. I sewed. Still have a bit to finish. Maybe a photo by Tuesday. :-)

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