Monday, December 03, 2007

all I want for Christmas...

Christmas tree 2007, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

I pretty much have everything at this moment. Not much left to ask for besides world peace, a cure for cancer, and to stop global warming. Sure, I am currently stuck at work awaiting a jump from AAA because my battery is dead and that sucks. But I am only bitter because this is cutting into my precious JT time.

The battery is dead because of JT, actually. Yes, the only grief he ever gives me is in the car. He screams a blood-curdling my-mommy-is-mean-to-me cry when I take him in the car by myself. It's the worst at night. For a while I tried turning on a light for him because I thought he was afraid of the dark. Well it didn't work. And I forgot to turn the light off when I removed my screaming babe from the evil car. So the battery weakened. Now it's 28 degrees outside and it has quit completely.

So anyway... I mentioned before that I took the handmade pledge this Christmas. Last night I placed my Etsy orders. I think everything shipped today or will ship tomorrow. That's what I'm talking about. I have placed Gap and Jo-Ann orders lately and they didn't ship that fast! Go crafty entrepreneurs. I am so happy to be supporting these folks. I'll take some photos as the stuff arrives, but don't expect me to post until after Christmas. Ha! You thought I'd actually tell what presents I'm buying - so not! A few of my favorites are posted at left, you can check those out and guess which I actually indulged.

I had lots of fun with JT over the weekend. He's into squealing. I like to think of it as "discovering his voice". We spent hours squealing back and forth. He'd sqeal, I'd squeal, he'd screech, I'd screech, etc. I tried to throw in some different vowel sounds: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! oooooooooooooo!! He'd still just yell eeeeeeeeeee!! He did take a moment to ponder the different sound I made, but in the end he settled on the eeeeeeeeeeeee!! John hates our new game. hahaha.

JT is LOVING solid food. I can't feed him the rice cereal fast enough! I added some cinnamon to it for taste. At least it feels less like torturing him from my perspective. He also watches us eat more intently now. He used to hardly notice. Now if I eat with him on my lap, he stares at me as I eat. And he stares at my food. I think he's going to be ok with trying new things. I just hope he can stand to keep eating baby food before he gets his teeth. (Hands off my Chipotle, baby!)

That wraps up everything I meant to say along with those last couple short posts. Now... where is that tow truck?! Later...

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