Monday, December 17, 2007

santa baby

JT and I had a day o' fun. We did some shopping and hung out all day. He laughed so much today and pretty much captured hearts everywhere we went!

I hadn't really planned to spend so much time at the mall. But he was so enamored by the whole thing, we just sort of goofed off. He loved the lights and the music and the PEOPLE! He didn't cry over Santa. They just sat and chatted a bit... JT reached out and touched Santa's beard. Luckily for Santa, he didn't pull... tee hee hee.

Of course, he screamed in the car most of the way there and most of the way home. I'm not sure what is so terrifying in the back seat of the car... and why he doesn't fall asleep instantly back there like the other 90% of infants.

Well, I can't wait to see his beaming face again in the morning... so I am off to bed to hurry that along. :-)

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