Thursday, December 13, 2007

under the tree

under the tree, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

I have a photo of my baby under the tree... but no presents there yet. 80% of the presents are purchased, just need to wrap them. Lots of people are stressing over the holiday.

When should I start stressing? My decorations are minimal, the house is a mess, the playlist of Christmas tunes on my iPod needs work. And yet, I find that I don't care. I feed baby, do dishes, do laundry, and play with baby. (and really, I will play with baby and skip dishes and laundry when I can) So that's pretty much how it's going to be. Christmas is what it is here. And frankly, I have a heck of a lot of spirit!

There is a snow storm on the way this weekend. Woo hooo! There I go again, loving the snow when everyone else dreads it. JT and I are sooo going out to play in it.

I am off a couple days next week, and all week during Christmas. Can't wait. I'm just gonna play, play, play!

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