Saturday, December 29, 2007

buying handmade

Now that Christmas has passed, I can tell about my handmade purchases. I photographed a few of the packages as I received them. I got some notecards from annacote. There is some beautiful stationery on Etsy... definitely check it out. I ordered scrapbooking what-nots from elles and maythird. A few lucky ladies got a handbag and a wristlet/wallet from lulaballou. In the delicious department, I gave a little and pampered myself with some aspenspa. Yum, yum. Go for the juicy pear lip balm!

All the packages were shipped speedily (even if the post office was a little nutty in delivering on time this past holiday season). Every single package was neatly packed. Items were well-protected by plastic wrap and tissue paper. And I think every single seller included a hand-written thank you note. It's a beautiful shopping experience... I love it!

I'll be giving more handmade stuff in 2008. And maybe next year I will be a little more prepared for Christmas with some gifts I hand make myself.

We took the Christmas stuff down tonight. I just couldn't bear the thought of doing anything but relaxing on New Year's day. I got a little caught up on laundry the past few days. But of course, JT got a TON of new clothes for Christmas, so I'll have to pre-wash all those things... so more laundry.

I love his little clothes... they are so cute and I love the thought behind what people pick out for him. My 4-wheeler ridin' aunt and uncle got him a 4-wheelin' outfit with camo sleeves - too cute. My other aunt got him a Pooh outfit in an outdoor explorer theme... it's totally us. I just wish he didn't have to outgrow everything so quickly. Can you believe I have already filled a storage tote with the 0-3 months clothes he outgrew?!

Ok, I'm sleepy... off to bed. N-night.

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