Tuesday, November 06, 2007

now roll over!

Guess who rolled over today? Miranda wrote in his journal that he rolled over on his own. At first we said, "oh no! It's the first time and we missed it!" Then we thought, it was probably on accident. Because this boy doesn't roll over. We have been trying it every day. He hates tummy time and when I roll him back and forth he looks at me like, "that's nice Mommy, I will not be needing that skill."

So after his bath tonight, we popped him over on his tummy. He put his leg out and rolled onto his back. What?! Just like that? Like he has known how to do it all along?!

JT is so strong. He was going crazy in the tub. We know that bath time is over when the tub is completely empty of water after he splashes it all out when kicking his duck.

He's awfully cute. But hmm, now I have to readjust all my habits... no more leaving him on the couch or his changing table. And look out when he figures out crawling... we will be chasing him all over. Aaahh.... changes are coming!!

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