Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Happy Birthday, Nana!

Can you believe it's getting close to Christmas? I've been thinking on a wishlist. Although, I think I am really only getting one thing. I want it, but I think hubz and Nana want me to have it nearly as much... and that is a telephoto lens so I can really get those far-off action shots of JT in the wild. I think I'm a little afraid of so much lens though... we'll see what happens.

Here are a couple ideas that don't come with so much pressure... heee!

Quick & Easy Photo Albums - I'm intrigued by combining photo albums with scrapbook pages lately. I have soooo many pictures that I'll just never be able to scrapbook all of them.

Lap Desk - I like spending cold, dark winter evenings under a blanket in my comfy chair. But the computer doesn't like hanging out with the blanket. With a lap desk, we'd both be happy!

Bracket Punch - Brackets are fun, what can I say?

And if I'm really going to be wishful, I'd also like a lensbaby, a gorillapod, and anything from my Etsy favorites!

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