Saturday, February 14, 2009


JT is becoming more interested in playing with other kids. For now, it's really more like "near" other kids. So last weekend we subjected him to an entire weekend of play dates and social activities. May as well jump right in, eh?

On Saturday he had a play date with Reagan... his gal pal from WAY back. She used to help him out with binky patrol before he developed fine motor skills. hehe. As you can see, he had a great time.

Saturday night was a party where he got to play with Ally and Annabel. Again, more playing near other kids. Sunday morning he had a meltdown at the church nursery because they had the nerve to change the rooms around and disrupt his usual surroundings. He got through it and had an ok time playing with the other 12-24 month olds.

Sunday afternoon we went to Zane's birthday party. JT LOVED Zane's toys. He has cool trucks and ride-on things. He played near all the other little boys and had a great time. Sharing may be an issue... he had a LOT of possessiveness over the Cozy Coupe car.

So definitely... let me know if you want to schedule a play date for your kid to play near my kid. If you have a Cozy Coupe, even better. :-)

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Lynn said...

If only we lived closer. I can just imagine the stuff JT and Lucas would get into.