Sunday, March 14, 2010

being a boy mom

NEEDS to splash

Being a boy mom means...
  • Navigating with the "car cart" at the grocery store.
  • Keeping your eyes peeled for garbage trucks when you drive around town.
  • Potty training for 5 and a half months.
  • You don't put a toy truck away, you "vroom it" to its parking space.
  • Reading stories about cars, trucks, trains, and spiders.
  • Reminding that we don't scream or yell at the dinner table or in the car or in the grocery store...
  • Getting hugged around the neck so hard it almost chokes me. (But I love it!)
  • Being asked "Can I say gross? It's not an 'ucky word?"
  • Squeezing the water out of an alligator after bath time every night.
  • Tucking a boy, a bunny, a blankie, and a plastic spider into bed.
  • Washing wet, muddy clothes late at night.


Lisa said...

this is funny! I have little brothers (they were babies when I was already an adult) so I can totally relate!

Anonymous said...