Monday, April 12, 2010

funky fresh

This past February, when the snow was piled high and the temperature was dipping LOW.... Becka, Jessica, and I headed to the Short North for a little photo session.

It was not a season for gallivanting around town coatless... NOR for sitting on ice-covered benches. But she did. And looking gorgeous all the while.

Jessica was just shy of 18 when we took these. I cannot believe that my friend's daughter is going to graduate from high school very soon. I could cry my eyes out remembering how young she was when I first met her. Time flies!

This girl is beautiful inside and out. Caring and compassionate, stylish, smiles and laughter... it's what she has always been about. We took pictures of innumerable outfit changes, her glasses to show her smart side, and with a magazine to show her fun side. Here, we've captured one of her greater talents: immense Friends trivia knowledge. Just ask her anything and she can name the episode and the full quote!

Look out college... this girl is on her way... Much love, Jessica!

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