Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the next phase

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Did I mention my boy started preschool a few weeks ago? We hit it hard.

Tears on day 2, day 3, night 3, day 4, day 5, weekend, Sunday night, etc. I cried, too. I mean, what kind of parent sends their kid to SCHOOL?! The horror. I must have lost my mind. He doesn't know anyone... it's too much fun... there's too much structure. Oh wait, those are good things. And I'M the parent.

Then he caught the first illness. The fever hit the exact moment John boarded a plane to work out of town for a bit. Home 2 and a half days. John came home, we had a lovely long weekend. And no sooner than all was normal, the illness took ME down.

JT is doing better with school this week. No tears and he may have made a few friends. There are also little signs that he is paying attention and learning a few things, too!

Tonight we met up with his buddies Sammy & Bradley for a playdate. They hugged and squealed and jumped up and down... a most happy reunion. Good friends are a treasure.

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