Wednesday, August 16, 2006

last scrapper standing #2: Life is a Gift

Whew! Entry submitted just under the wire. The challenge this week was 13 photos on one layout.

I posted it on Two Peas... have a look. This one also took two evenings to complete. I got some good inspiration from all kinds of folks. Funny when you tell people what the next challenge is, they immediately say "hmm", and their eyes roll to the left as their right brain starts churning up ideas. But I was sure glad to have the help on this one... there are just too many directions to go with many photos on a page.

Also, you can click on the link at right to see the other photos of the layout. C'mon, you know you are dying to unwind that string and see what's inside!


Susannah said...


I have to tell you about what my friend, Jennifer, and I want to do. We are totally NOT scrapbookers. In fact, we lovingly tease our scrapbooking friends about their obsession. What WE want to do is create an "anti-scrapbook." This would be scrapbook that tells the real, dysfunctional, down-and-dirty story of our lives. I think you ought to create a prototype of this for us! In this scrapbook, you would highlight the arguments with loved ones, the vacations gone to hell, etc. Whatdya think? :-)


Susannah said...

By the way...I loved your life is a gift entry. THANKS!