Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sammy weekend

John has been sitting for our friend's dog, Sammy, this weekend. We aren't dog people. But this little guy is awfully cute, so we suck it up and act like we are for a weekend.

He's really very good as far as dogs go. He's actually watching me type right now, whimpering a little because he wants me to play with him. (Dude, I'm pregnant, can I take a break from chasing you around the coffee table, please?!) Oh lord... now he is ON my lap.

He has gone insane 3 times. On Saturday I went to visit my grandparents. When I picked up my bag to go load the car, he barked at me like I was a total evil intruder. And he kept barking until I was gone. Tonight he barked at John for wearing a tobogan. Uh...ok. THEN... did you see the Super Bowl commercial for Budweiser with the dogs? Holy crap... Sammy came off the couch and went over to the tv and REALLY showed those dogs who has the bigger bark!

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