Tuesday, March 10, 2009

20 months

get on your bike and ride

JT turned 20 months old yesterday. Oi. He is such the little boy these days. At 20 months, JT...
  • is talking up a storm: deer, apple, 'nana (banana), penya (penguin), TRUCK, car, buh (bus), boo (moo, for cow), barn, gong (gone), dardonne (dinosaur), tertut (triceratops). He also says octagon and ambulance... impressive, eh?
  • runs everywhere, all the time. 'un! he says!
  • loves to hide.
  • is obsessed with books. He definitely has his favorites. Though we did recently adopt a Richard Scarry book about trucks and cars. A book with PAPER pages - a big step for him.
  • has days where he eats constantly. Which means more growing... which means bigger clothes. I'm kinda looking forward to shorts weather in that respect!
  • counts. "Un, two... pi (five)" I think he said "nine, ten" the other day. But I don't know where he got that high up... so maybe I misheard!
  • knows that airplanes fly in the sky and the sky is blue.
  • has conversations with his parents. One or two words from him... a few words from us... one or two more words from him... etc.
  • likes to grab a toy to take upstairs when we go for a diaper change or bath.
  • loves to splash in the tub. Really likes throwing the soap bottle from a distance for the biggest splash possible.
  • rides his bike by scooting along with one foot or pushing the bike from behind. Not getting the pedals bit yet.
  • watches Cars like a boy in a trance. He knows almost all the characters by name.
  • points out all the cars, trucks, and buses on the road. Also points out flags and counts how many (see counting above).
  • likes when I play pretend games where his toys eat his food or his dino-shaped chicken nuggets walk around. hehe.
  • is now sporting big boy hair because Mama got tired of the rat's nest of long hair we were always dealing with.
I wish I could actually sum him up for you. He is such a joy to be around. I am loving the silly games, laughter and conversations these days. Just don't make me think about potty training...

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