Wednesday, March 11, 2009

friends don't let friends...

At our all weekend Scrap Happy crop, we like to play games between the 3 of us. I mean, if you don't want to put yourself out there, you should just stay home to do your scrapbooking, right?! As the shirts say, "friends don't let friends crop alone."

Each day we each issued a challenge for one layout that day. That means one layout had to contain all three challenges for the day. Friday's challenges were (1) to use only paper from the scrap bin, (2) stamp an element for your page, and (3) hand-write your title... like old school scrappin' days!

Here is my take on the first challenge:
LO: This Boy

You should have seen the girls squirm when I stapled the sheep to the page... they may both need therapy after scrapping with me. Haha!

LO: This Boy detail

I've got 2 more challenges... but you'll have to wait another day to see more. Toodles...

1 comment:

knuts2knit said...

LOL! Stapling the sheep to the page still makes me laugh! I love it. .no therapy needed here-
Hmmm. . does that mean we're weird in a twisted sort of way that we're ok with this method of animal embellishment attachment?
Pssht. . we can be weird together then. . :) I love it. I see myself scraplifting this page FYI-