Saturday, February 23, 2008

football in the park

Today was the first Brunner Bowl. Apparently this is an event that will happen regularly, so it's not the "first annual" or anything like that... more like the "first of many".

Brunner Bowl Feb 2008

As you can see, it was action-packed. Check out all the photos here.

JT acted pretty bored with the whole scene. I think maybe he was tired from partying on Friday night at the fish fry and Jeni's ice cream:

JT plays w/Becka and Jessica

Oh, but the fun doesn't end with Brunner Bowl... John challenged everyone to a game of Balderdash and battled it out with Krista for the win. Then we played a never-ending game of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD edition. I don't even know who won that. I think we ended up forcing someone to win just so it would end already.

Oh, John has been saying "Touché" like it's his job. Usually he says it when we are watching Lost or Friday Night Lights. He says it a LOT, and I'm not sure always appropriately. Well, now he has everyone saying it. In honor of that... a mac/pc commercial:

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