Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it's good to be king

We visited Uncle Bill and Aunt Theresa in Wooster last weekend. JT showed them all his new tricks: waving, biting, drooling, etc. JT also got to know his cousin Bailey. Maybe we are bad parents... but we let him have the full experience of doggie kisses. JT was amazed that there is a being out there that gives wetter kisses than he does!

We also introduced JT to fine dining.


Oh wait, that's not the photo of fine dining, that was the fast food on the way home. heehee.

On Saturday night we dined at South Market Bistro. The food is phenomenal. They feature seasonal produce and local ingredients. The chocolate fondant was out-of-this-world delicious. JT went with us. He was so good... charming everyone he met.

No pictures from the Bistro, guess I'll have to go back sometime soon!

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