Monday, February 25, 2008

fluffy snow

I should really be in bed right now. I'm so tired! But I'm trying to upload some photos for printing so I have something to scrap this weekend. The girls and I are getting away for a weekend crop. I am so jazzed for it. I will miss my boy terribly, but I really need this time. Good friends, good scraps, good times!

JT's new foods this week are asparagus and peas. His diet was a little lacking in the green department. John fed him the peas tonight while I was getting my wig busted. He said JT loved them. Oh well, sorry that I've been neglecting to feed you peas thus far!

His nanny wrote in the journal today that he made a few motions like crawling. Hmm, we're skeptical. He has shown so little interest in it. He better not take it up while I'm gone this weekend... I'll cry!

It is a busy week. Busy at work and lots to get done in order to go away for the weekend. And the new project ideas are swirling in my head at a fast pace. I want to sew along with the pot holders and a table runner for March. I'm thinking that since I'll have my craft area cleaned up and all the scrappin' out of my system, I can get out the sewing stuff next week.

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