Monday, August 11, 2008

at 13 months

water fun at Homestead Park

JT, at 13 months you
  • just got over a horrible bout of diarrhea. Good riddance to that, we say.
  • know how to walk. Tonight you wandered around the grass at the park like a pro. Well, you'd win the gold for walking in circles anyway.
  • are a new fan of Morningstar Farms mini corn dogs.
  • are getting two new teeth, one on top and one on bottom.
  • have been in a clingy, mama's boy phase. We saw signs that the phase may be ending today... as in, you asked Dada to hold you!
  • say a few new words like truck and cat. At least, we think that is what we hear. You love communicating with signs and words.
  • made up a sign for "talk on the phone."
  • go crazy for puppies and motorcycles.
  • quit drinking from bottles. Only sippie cups from now on.
  • like to assert your independence. This means you get a spoon at meals and I get a spoon. It also means you won't ride in the stroller or wagon because big boys walk on their own. (But you will later ask me to pick you up and carry you.)
  • say ni-ni to Al (the alligator) and Mr. Bear and give them squeezie hugs at bedtime.
  • like when I give you squeezie hugs... tight hugs that lift you off the ground and then shake you about a bit.
  • are obsessed with two books: Happy Baby Words and Brainy Baby Animals.

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Lynn said...

JT-you sound like you are giving your mom and dad a run for their money. I hope you didn't share any of your secrets on how to do this with Lucas:)