Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pining for spring

pining for spring, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

In just a few words...

- I'd rather be editing photos, but I have testing to do tonight.
- I'd also rather be digi-scrapping.
- Winter retreat with the youth group was fun... can't wait to share pics and tell the story.
- Excited that Lost and Friday Night Lights are on this week.
- Spent time with JT on Monday... love that kid! He rocks my world.
- Facebook is fabulous.
- Can't wait to read Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. My reserved copy is available at the library now!
- Got a new camera lens... can't wait to try it outside the house.
- Looking forward to staying home this weekend and a few more to come.
- Loving the thick layer of snow on the ground. White is the new brown!

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