Tuesday, June 13, 2006

deep thoughts

I have deep thoughts all day long. When I find time to sit down and blog, my brain is fried and nothing comes.

But I haven't blogged in a few days, so here is an update.

We are wanting to finish our basement, right? We are saving money to have it contracted out so it's done RIGHT. Well... savings takes time. IN THE MEANTIME... there is a ton of unused space in the basement that I could totally take over for scrappin. So I made John set up the drafting table my brother got me. It's FABULOUS. THE THING for scrapbooking. PLUS, being in the basement, I can go down there and make a huge mess and LEAVE IT. I got a layout done over the weekend. I know you are thinking, "one whole layout, eh?"... but that's a lot for summer when I'm typically on hiatus from scrappin'. (I can't believe I am posting photos of my skanky basement. Never was a hole in the ground loved so much! Hehehe. Look how messy it is. John's just glad it's not the kitchen table!) Check out the rest of the pics on flickr.

I dragged Jenny to the market on Saturday around 7:30am. Yeah, it doesn't open that early, but if I'm up, I need some Starbucks. So off we went. Lots of beautiful plants at the market. Also nabbed some fresh strawberries and tomatoes. Didn't get enough tomatoes, we have already devoured them. I also got a lavender plant and pulled up some dead-looking phlox to make room for it in the front flower bed. Not like I needed any more plants... but it's LAVENDER. yum yum.

The other reason we had to go to the market so early was so I could hit the yard sales in my neighborhood at 9am. It was pouring the rain down by then. But it was community yard sale day, so I wanted to show my support. Sh-yeah. I just wanted cheap junk. I couldn't believe what I scored! Lots of scrapbooking stuff. A brand new artsy scrapbook for a dollar and plenty of unused papers and stickers. I also got a 3-drawer storage bin that was perfect for my new craft area. $3!!! So guess what I'm doing this Saturday morning? Oh yeah... just gotta figure out where the good sales are.

It's also our anniversary this year. Wow, time flies. And I can't believe we still like each other. For real... we are special people... :-) I'm just kiddin'. I love that dude.

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