Thursday, June 15, 2006

pie irons

When we had our bonfire in West Virginia, it was the first chance to use Dad's new pie irons. The old ones were apparently made of aluminum, and if left in the fire too long, WOULD MELT. Just ask my brother...

So we made delicious pizzas and cherry pies in the pie irons. (I mean, is there anything better than pizzas, hot dogs, and marshmallows over an open fire?!) In the process, one of the pins fell out of one of the irons. Since my dad is retired, he had time to email the pie iron company and ask for a replacement pin.

Now these folks produce a product that isn't very expensive. Their product line isn't that extensive (although, bigger than you might expect it to be). And their repeat customer base probably isn't that great. But one of their employees took the time to send my dad a gracious email and provide a solution that was more than what he asked for:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for writing and sorry to hear about the pin falling out. Sometimes when we hear about a pin coming out of the iron, the pin was actually missing when the item was made and escaped our quality check. Although a replacement pin can be sent, it may not hold as well as if it were assembled here - so my suggestion is that we send you two new pins + a replacement square pie iron. Best case scenario, you'll have two square pie irons in great shape and the worst case is you'll have a replacement for the bad one.

We'll ship it via UPS in the next couple of days.

Best regards,
Now doesn't that just warm your heart like a cherry pie fresh off the campfire?! I think the Pie Iron people should make (or at least service) cars and medical devices... what do you think?

Check out what else these folks offer for you campers out there...

Happy trails...

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