Friday, June 30, 2006

the week in review

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This past week has been a whirlwind. Busy at work, busy in life. It was more about getting out than staying home for once.

I went to a Clippers baseball game with the hubby and 3 of my girlfriends. It was dime-a-dog night! Funny how a generic hot dog tastes SO good in the right setting (and with the right beverage).

Tuesday was a much-anticipated event with some more girlfriends. It was the inaugural outing for FORK. My friend Jenny concocted this scheme for us girls to visit a new restaurant every month. There are a lot of rules. You can invite your "others" (other friends outside of our little circle), but no boys. "Others," as we call them, have become more important in the past few years. Everyone has others, but you can't talk about them, because your inner circle will get jealous. Well, no more. The Others have been outed. They are welcome in the circle (they always were... we just make a bigger deal about it now!) And Others can be so much fun! Even if they are your classier and smarter friends, they still know good dirt on you to share with the inner circle! (muhaha!!) So anyway, I got out of the house on Tuesday and it was fun.

On Wednesday, we stayed home. The hubby and I yacked it up in the garage watching a storm. It's funny, sometimes we just like to sit and talk about life, work, family, our past, gossip, etc. And when we do, it seems like we've been moving so fast, that we haven't talked in ages! It's fun being married. I have a good team. :-)

Thursday evening was also at home, but one of John's friends came by for dinner. So at least we felt like we were socializing.

The other thing about Thursday... it was my first day with the PEDOMETER. My work has a new program where we are challenged to walk 10,000 steps every day through the end of the summer. I think, "I walk a lot, I bet I can do that lickety-split." Uh... day one, not so good. I had walked 4,000 steps by the time I got home. I am looking at the darn thing thinking, "GREAT! now I have to go for a really big walk... and I don't.have.time." So I went for a 3 mile walk to get all my steps in. Mind you, I had already worked out that day, but I had to get all my "clicks" in. By the time I did some more housework (upstairs, basement, back again, inside, outside, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) I was at 11,400 steps for the day. I'd better be svelte by the end of the summer.

It's been a good week. I'm tired in a happy way. Happy Friday. How was your week?

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