Wednesday, January 17, 2007

just an update

Here's a pregnancy update for ya:

Last time I yacked: Still only tossed my cookies once on Christmas day.
Last thing I smelled with my super-smelling abilities: My husband's morning breath. Ewww.
Last bit of food I snarled my nose at for no reason: Picked out a few pieces of chicken from my soup because they "just didn't look right."
Last thing I craved: Popcicle. I'm going to have a strawberry one in a few minutes. Yum. (I highly recommend Edy's real fruit popcicles. They're made with fruit and sugar, not artificial flavoring and unnatural sweetener or high fructose corn syrup - yuck!) I'm sooo over last week's donuts.
Pounds gained so far: 2.5
Last time I felt the baby move: Still waiting. I think I've felt some flutters, but not really a good swift kick, so doesn't count. (Also indistinguishable from gas, so who knows!)

I'm also reading the baby Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes at bedtime when I'm not too tired. And we are dancing like crazy on Wednesdays for exercise. He's either going to be (a) a good dancer, (b) immune to motion sickness, or (c) really sick of Ricky Martin, Fergalicious, and Shakira.

I have a new article posted on Crafty Places... might be worth a read for any of you who take photos!

Last weekend I scrapped a bunch with Theresa. But I haven't had any daylight time to take photos, so maybe I will post this weekend. Have a lovely week!

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