Thursday, January 04, 2007

the pregnant lady goes bowling

Well, let's see... there is a lot to catch up since December 15.

We celebrated Christmas with John's family the weekend before Christmas. It was great fun. We did a few photos by the Christmas tree. See my favorite at left of John and his sister, Jen.

We spent Christmas weekend with my parents. Unfortunately I had a head cold all weekend long, so I wasn't feeling much like taking photos or doing anything besides trying to breathe. Not being able to breathe through your nose also puts a damper on overeating like I had planned to do. So much for eating for two...

New Year's Eve we spent with friends, lots of friends. It was a great time. If you were there and have been awaiting distribution of the group photo, find it here. (Personally, I like that we are all wearing matching shoes in the photo. You may never see that again.) It was a perfect way to ring in the new year.

We are looking more and more forward to the big event of 2007... JT's birth (or his sister). Things are going well. I haven't been sick, just really tired. That's why I haven't been blogging... just too tired after I get all the necessities accomplished. And since I spend most of the day on the computer, I try to give myself a break in the evenings. But I will try to keep you all posted on progress a little better. Here is a summary:

Last time I yacked: Christmas Day. Buckwheat pancakes. Otherwise I really haven't been sick at all.
Last thing I smelled with my super-smelling abilities: Donuts. In the parking lot at work. I have no idea where they are baking donuts near my office... but I will hunt them down, I will.
Last bit of food that I snarled my nose at for no reason: Chicken. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the chicken.
Last thing I craved: Well now I'm freakin' craving donuts. And if anyone knows where to get a really good CHOCOLATE CREAM STICK, please let me know. And I mean a good one, like the ones my Grandpa used to get on Sunday mornings.
Pounds gained so far: 2.
Last time I felt the baby move: Haven't yet... being still and quiet waiting for it to happen though.

The ultrasound pictures are from yesterday. John is freaked out by the one of the baby's face. I have to say, it's not a very attractive photo of our baby. He (or she) sure was active though. I don't know how, even floating in amniotic fluid, a baby the size of a peach can bounce around like that. It is good to have a peak in there every so often though and see baby being so active and it's little heart beating away though!

Oh, and if you are interested in getting in the pool for when the baby is born, here is the scoop:

$5 per person, per bet. The person closest to the date and time of the baby being born without going over the birth time will win the cash. For example: J.T.'s Sister is born on January 30th at 02:15 and Stacy guesses January 30th 02:14 and John guesses January 30th 02:16...Stacy would be the winner. Does that make sense? All dates and times (please use military time in honor of John) must be submitted by May 1st, 2007 to be considered a fair game. You may submit more than one bet but each bet will cost you $5.00. You may not change your dates or times after they have been submitted, so think long and hard. If for any reason, the Brunners deliver more than one child this pregnancy, then the closest bets to the birth times will have to split the winnings. Due to Ohio gambling regulations, "little brunner#1" is entitled to half of the winnings at the age of 18, if you choose to split it with "little brunner#1".

You can send your entries to me or Jenny. As far as I know, I can answer questions. The due date is July 6. And with that... we are pretty much caught up. I will try to stay awake some more this trimester in order to update the blog more often. (It would probably be easier than a giant post like this one!)

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Pwhyte said...

The baby's face is really cool- he seems to have dark locks of hair swept over his handsome forehead - but for the life of me, I can't figure out how he got those sunglasses in there!