Sunday, January 21, 2007


Just a quick update, as it's past my bedtime!

We had great fun at the wedding of our friends the Snows!! You can see all the photos on flickr. I used this event as an opportunity to try my new flash that I got for Christmas. I'm still working with it. I feel like I barely have a handle on photography in perfect lighting, and adding the flash that I have to control adds another layer of complexity. Luckily for this event the whole setup was fairly idiot-proof, so I could just point and shoot mostly.

We danced the night away last night. Yes, even me! I managed to stay awake and drive us home after 11pm. The wedding was beautiful, dinner rocked (steak & lobster!), and the party was fabulous as we expected it would be.

Today we woke up to snow! It snowed the whole time we were at church and after we got back. I have to say - I LOVE snow. If it's cold, I want the white stuff!! So John had to shovel the driveway today. He also built us a fire to enjoy all day long while we putzed around the house.

Oh yeah, I also got my hair cut... it's pretty short! Ok, I'm out. Have a good week, all.

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