Saturday, June 09, 2007

arts fest

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. Aunt Joan, Uncle Wayne, and Jessica visited us this afternoon. It was so nice outside, we set up a little sitting area and had fruit, lemonade, and iced tea under a tree in the back yard. (We don't have a patio, so we have to wing it, you know?) That was so fun... I wish they didn't have to drive so far to visit for an afternoon.

This evening we picked Sarah up and went to the arts festival for some food, music, art, and people-watching. What a great evening to be out browsing around. I've been on the go all day long and my ankles weren't swollen. We took a couple breaks along the way and by 10pm as the festival was closing up, we'd seen every booth and had made our purchase.

We had in mind to buy something for the baby's room.
Our anniversary is coming up, but really buying anything for ourselves right now seems unjustified. The piece we bought is a photgraph of a carnival ride by Craig Brabson. It's very colorful with a bright blue background. It should look very cool in the baby's room. Oh someday that room will be finished enough to take some photographs... someday... maybe even before the baby is born.

Oh yeah, and John and Sarah thought it would be funny to stick the "Art Fan" sticker on my belly. So I spent half the time at the festival like this. Craig, the photography artist, thought it was so funny, he also snapped a photo with his camera phone. I'm sure his photo turned out better than ours, we'll see when he sends it to me. :-)

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