Friday, June 08, 2007

showers of love

I have a new article posted on Crafty Places entitled Storing and Displaying Greeting Cards. I owe a BIG shout out to my sis-in-law, Theresa for sparking the idea. Thank you! I LOVE this little book. What you see in the photos here isn't even the finished book. I have lots more to stuff into it. Obviously, a single baby book just won't get it for this kid.

There are more photos posted on Flickr also. I know it has looked on the blog like I never scrap anymore, but I really have been. This project took way more time than it should have, but I loved making it. It reminded me of the scrapping I used to do when I was younger. I cut the tags off JT's gifts and turned those into the journal cards I scattered throughout the book. The gift wrap and ribbons also became embellishments for the book.

Some of the tags were just so darn cute, I think they make the book. And it says something about the time in which he was born, you know? Like that everyone bought him little Carter's clothes and receiving blankets. And that his Pap got him a RealTree hat... the camouflage that is all the rage with hunters today. I mean a book from when I was born in the 70s would look a lot different, you know?!

Have a great weekend. We'll be doing some more preparations in the nursery this weekend and dreaming about our little bundle of joy to come...

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