Saturday, June 09, 2007

she's baaack!

Who's back?! Where did she go?

Vera is back.

The one and only Vera Neumann of the 60s and 70s. The artist/designer who was always ahead of her time and no one even came close to her league. She designed bold, inspiring prints for fashion and home accessories. Now someone has resurrected The Vera Company and is licensing Vera products.

Back in the 90s when flea markets were my weekends, Vera scarves, napkins, and other linens ruled my life. I have SUITCASE full of beautiful vintage scarves. The Veras were always my favorites, especially if I could find a silk one. But even the polyester scarves had bright colors and vibrant patterns. They have never lost favor with me. I can't believe I've had most of them for more than 10 years and they are still as beautiful to me as the day I found each of them.

So I am very excited that Vera is being licensed again. You know what would really take the cake?? If there were Vera scrapbooking papers! I mean, I can't cut up my precious scarves... but if there was paper that I could buy in multiples... one to hoard and several to scrap! Yum. I could just eat up those prints. That woman was ahead of her time.

I'll take some photos of the collection soon to share with you. For now, here is a scan of a Vera magazine ad from 1968, featuring Vera accessories at Kaufmann's of Pittsburgh. I bought this on eBay and framed it. It hangs in our guest room.

And then later... we'll talk about my obsession with costume jewelry. :-)

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